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At Smart Apps Information and Technologies Ltd, our model is to provide solutions with Information Technology

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We are a leading IT solutions provider in biometric technology, software deployment (HR, payment, collection and remittance of revenue and other financial services). We specialize in deploying our unique technology to help governments and corporations manage identities, grow internally generated revenue, enhance transaction integrity, streamline HR functions and block financial loopholes. We also engage in related activities such as biometric data capture, mass enumeration, identity management, etc. Others include;

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To be Africa’s No.1 Technology Solutions Company.

Our Mission

We develop and deploy premium, value-creating solutions to facilitate safe and reliable financial transactions, data management and enhanced end user experience.

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      LiquidWeb International
      Interswitch Ltd
      UBA Plc

Our Products

SmartCollect is an e-government, revenue management and collection platform that helps governments and their various agencies manage all the processes involved in Revenue Collection and Revenue Generation through various payment channels and member banks while providing real time notification and intelligent reporting/analytics of payments collected across the different channels.

SmartSchool is an enterprise on-demand School Management Solution, designed to solve some of the most difficult challenges facing basic and higher educational institutions everywhere. It automates all student processes in an Institution, such as the Payment of Fees, Course Registration and Application for Accommodation.

It provides administrators an efficient and timely means of processing student needs. This solution brings improvements in operational efficiency, process transparency and customer service and accountability within the institution.

SmartPay is a solution that rides on biometric technology to fully automate Human Resource Management, Staff Data, Payroll, Gratuity and Pension Management.

It ensures verifiable data of employees and engages a payroll engine that allows for faster and accurate administration of salaries, wages and fringe benefits instantly through electronic fund transfer. It also has a Check-In module that automates staff attendance processes.

SmartBusiness is a web-based Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that connects all the complex, day-to-day processes of a business into one single, simple system. It integrates core business activities like inventory and order management, supply chain, payroll and accounting, HR and finance, and procurement. It is a modular system with independent services that each addresses specific pain points.